Model T Comprehensive Encyclopedia

Model T Encyclopedia
Similar to the MTFCA web site Encyclopedia but with many photos, and much additional data. Printed out on 8-1/2 by 11 paper it is just under 1,000 pages long and contains material available nowhere else.

Model T Ford Parts Book
A compilation of the entire contests of over 65 Ford parts books published between 1908 and late 1927. Every part, price, and description is included along with all illustrations in the original books. In addition there are thousands of factory numbers and their descriptions in both numerical and alphabetical order.

Ford: The First Six Years
Reproductions of the Ford catalogs of the models A thru S, with all pictures, plus detailed photos of actual cars. These are not scanned copies of the original booklets but are revised and edited pages which include all of the material in those booklets. Also includes serial numbers. sales dates, body types, and other data of these models from 1903 to early 1909.

Ford Owners Manuals
Revised and edited reproductions of the Ford Owners Manuals which were supplied with a new Ford from 1909 through 1927. Almost every Model T owner today has seen some of the original booklets which have the question and answer format after the first few years. While they all appear the same there are numerous changes from time to time. This CD has them all and includes all illustrations in the original books.

Ford Yearly Catalogs
Revised and edited reproductions of the Ford Catalogs that were issued each year to show the then-new Model T Fords. Includes many catalogs and brochures from 1908 through 1927. This CD has over twenty and includes all illustrations and text in the original booklets.

Ford Methods and the Ford Shops
This CD of the book, published in 1915, details how the Ford Motor Company built Model Ts, with many pictures. Not just a scanned copy of the book but a reformatted and larger reproduction with all of the text and photos of the original.

Ford Service
Reformatted and enlarged reproduction on a CD of the Ford Service book published in 1925-27 by the Ford Motor Company. Pictures are better than in the printed reproductions available today.

These CDs are NO LONGER available from the Model T Ford Club of America