Tours – 2019

TOURS ON Thursday, June 6 and Friday, June 7


TOUR DESCRIPTION – click for printable copy  Thursday Homecoming Tour

10:30 am – Tour Departs from Model T Museum

Our first stop will be the Elevator Equipment Corporation in Richmond for a tour of this manufacturing facility that makes equipment for elevators installed all over the world. Just some of their projects include: National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC, The M & M Store in Times Square NYC, Wrigley Field in Chicago, J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and many, many U.S. Military Bases, VA Hospitals and other Government Installations.

Next we will head to quaint Hagerstown, Indiana for lunch at the golf course. A fabulous buffet is served by Willie and Red’s.  You won’t go away hungry!  Next will be a tour of a unique small manufacturer in Hagerstown.

On the way back to Richmond you have the option of making a couple of side trips on your own:


Levi & Catharine Coffin State Historic Site & Interpretive Center.  Opened in Dec. 2016, the home was part of the legendary Underground Railroad for fleeing slaves.

Address of the Coffin House is 201 U.S. 27 North, Fountain City, IN.

Fountain Acre Foods — A sizeable Amish-run “foods and more” store in the Wayne County Amish community. View the many unique items and delicious baked goods as well as beautiful hanging baskets of flowers and Amish made outdoor furniture at 1140 Whitewater Rd, Fountain City, IN


Warm Glow Candle Store — Here you can shop for various sizes, colors and fragrances of their hand dipped candles as well as many other specialty gift items.

Also see the World’s Largest Candle at 2131 N. Centerville Rd., Centerville, IN.

Centerville Antique Mall —“One stop” shopping for anything including the kitchen sink at 200 Union St., Centerville, IN


TOUR DESCRIPTION – click for printable copy Friday Homecoming Tour

8:30 am – Tour Departs from Model T Museum

A beautiful back roads drive takes us into Dayton, Ohio to visit Carillon Historical Park, a 65-acre park and museum.  It contains buildings and exhibits featuring the history of Dayton and its residents from 1796 to the present.  Visitors learn about the area’s landmark inventions, aviation heritage and pioneer history, and view the 1905 Wright Flyer III, the world’s first practical airplane, which was invented and flown in Dayton by Orville and Wilbur Wright.  Major sections of the park include settlement, transportation, invention and industry.  Visitors usually spend about half of their time strolling along the street, visiting the many buildings outdoors and the other half in the main visitor center which is chock full of very interesting displays.  Don’t miss the short program in the Visitor Center theater.

Welcoming visitors to the park since 1942 is the 150-foot tall Deeds Carillon Bell Tower, named for Dayton industrialist and innovator Colonel Edward Deeds.  With 57 bells, the carillon is Ohio’s largest.  In 1988 the bells were converted from an electric keyboard to a traditional baton-keyboard mechanical carillon.  Live concerts are performed on Sunday afternoons from May to October.

LUNCH.  There are two restaurants here.  The Carillon Brewing Company makes and serves reproductions of historic beer and European comfort food recipes.  Staff in period costumes, and oak barrels of fermenting beer, wine and cider, greet visitors.  With trestle tables and a wood-burning fireplace, the atmosphere is that of an 1850 brewery.

The other restaurant is Culp’s Café.  Reminiscent of Culp’s Cafeteria, located in the downtown Dayton Arcade in the 1930s and 1940s, the café serves soup, salads, sandwiches, ice cream and sodas.

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