What are you doing with your "T" in May

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Steve Jelf
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Re: What are you doing with your "T" in May

Post by Steve Jelf » Tue May 28, 2019 12:23 am

Today I finished up a project that began three weeks ago with three tasty tostadas.

IMG_2864 copy.JPG
Searching the grocery shelves for a suitably small, round can, I found this.

IMG_2966 copy.JPG
It became the shade for my speedometer light.

IMG_2963 copy.JPG
My bicycle speedometer isn't "correct", but it does the job and the price is right (about $25).

IMG_2968 copy.JPG
The other part of the project includes a 6-12 volt converter under the front seat...

IMG_2960 copy.JPG
...which powers a phone charger or other twelve volt accessory (up to 3 amps).
The inevitable often happens.
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Re: What are you doing with your "T" in May

Post by Duey_C » Wed May 29, 2019 1:13 am

Finally got the TT rear rims and one ring blasted and painted along with son's OT 68 Catalina boxed ragtop frame project from a 67 GP.
That ring isn't near as crooked as the pic tries to show. Strange.
Goll, how did I get lucky enough to have a couple decent rims on Lucky?
The other ring is far more crooked than I can deal with. Gotta find another. It was on his rim and appeared OK but... No.
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Re: What are you doing with your "T" in May

Post by MWalker » Wed May 29, 2019 9:51 am

I sold my Model T the other day, so now I'll need to build another one. I have almost everything in stock to build it. :D
RPU with McLaren Wheels 004.JPG
Here's the body for the "new" one.
15 Roadster Body 004.JPG
p.s. -- The new owner of my Pickup likes wood-spoke wheels, so he helped me swap those back onto the car before taking delivery. Those red McLarens will go on my new car, also a RPU-to-be.

Bill Crosby
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Re: What are you doing with your "T" in May

Post by Bill Crosby » Wed May 29, 2019 7:22 pm

I got tired of straightening my ford trans drum puller so I made one that will last.

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Re: What are you doing with your "T" in May

Post by RajoRacer » Wed May 29, 2019 7:47 pm

Nice job there, Bill ! I use my Stevens puller - my Ford puller hangs on my tool board for looks !

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Re: What are you doing with your "T" in May

Post by 22centerdoor » Thu May 30, 2019 10:09 am

I will finish off the month compounding the lacquer paint on my one remaining fender and the top of the hood. A little touch-up is needed but will have it all put back together by the weekend!!! Happy Day!!

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Re: What are you doing with your "T" in May

Post by GEmering » Thu May 30, 2019 9:43 pm

May projects:
Remove fiber timing gear and replace with metal gear.
Radiator has been cleaned, checked, painted.
Install New Day Timer
Clean up radiator shell and install new lacing.
Reassemble everything with new hardware.

Past year (I'm way behind on posting):
5 new tires, tubes, and flaps (30 X 3.5)
New radius rod, tie rod, pitman arm, steering column.
Install fuse and ground strap.

Thank you Henry Lee and Doug Keppler!
I would be nowhere with out both of you and yoursupport, generocity, and unselfish willingness to try to teach a non-mechanic/T lover!
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Gene Emering
Newton, New Jersey

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Re: What are you doing with your "T" in May

Post by noelchico » Fri May 31, 2019 11:56 pm

Well, this is a May-June project. I received a Prus head several months ago and due to other commitments ( a medical mission trip to the Dominical Republic was one of them) I finally got around to working on my 20. The engine had appeared to have a complete overhaul in the 1980's, less than 1000 miles ago. it has new aluminum pistons and reground crank that I took .03 off the front and 2nd rods from. Today I warmed it up and checked compression. 55, 52, 50, 55 PSI. Then pulled the head. Unfortunately the left rear bolt froze in the block and broke off 1/2 inch above the block. the bolt under the horn bracket also broke 1/4 above the block. Thank you MTFCA forum for advise on removing them! I welded a nut on the rear one and it came out easily. the middle one needed 3 nuts welded onto it before I got it out, but I'm not a great welder! I tapped and bottom tapped all the holes and put the new Prus head on.
After warm up, the compression is 75, 72, 70, and 75 PSI with wide open throttle. I need to re-torque the bolts tomorrow (June project), drive it a few times and retorque another 2-3 times. Also need to fashion something to hold the fan belt on that keeps working off, and find the oil leak near the starter. We also need to make new side curtains and get ready for the Tennessee tour later this summer. Teresa does a great job sewing side curtains. I hope to bring this car instead of the 23 touring as it is a smoother runner and "cuter".

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