Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

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Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by Bobbbenner » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:10 am

Getting paperwork together to put the TT on the road. Grundy seems to have the best rate. How is their service? Other companies better? What coverage do you carry? What should I look out for? Thanks

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Re: Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by Kuhner » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:19 am

I have had Grundy for about 20 years.
Never had a claim, but I did meet Jim Grundy at a meet once while he was in his booth. Told him I never made a claim in these years and I should get something for being such a good customer. He said sure and handed me a can coozy.
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Re: Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by Sparknwire » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:46 am

When we used them we had issues every year on our I’d cards and they are very expensive or insurance

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Charlie B in N.J.
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Re: Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by Charlie B in N.J. » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:53 am

I used Condon & Skelly. No claims though. Always heard Grundy was expensive,
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Re: Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by RajoRacer » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:53 am

I've had Grundy Worldwide for over 30 + years - can't comment on claims as luckily, I've not had one - probably not the least expensive outfit but I also have actual appraised value replacement on several on my T's - one being my Racer which is one of a kind, hand built by me which cannot be replaced so it's insured heavily !

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Jeff Perkins
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Re: Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by Jeff Perkins » Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:05 pm

Every year before renewal time I review my collector car values and shop around for rates. Here is what I have for this year....
Cars: 1913 T, 1930 A, 1991 Miata.
Grundy $180.00
Competitor A $217.00
Competitor B $213.00
I renewed with Grundy for the 25th year.....never have had a claim.
1913 Model T Runabout, 1919 Model T Touring, 1930 Model A Tudor, 1991 Mazda Miata

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Re: Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by ModelT46 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:30 pm

I have used Taylor for over 30 years. Never have had a claim.

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Re: Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by Scott_Conger » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:55 pm

I've had JC Taylor since 1980. I had a claim about 6 years ago and they were wonderful. Moved to WY from FL 2 years ago and I became a "New Customer" and they professed to know nothing about me, would not use the photos of the cars on file (as I was "New") and seemed surprised at my questioning what was going on. They were particularly annoyed that I did not contact them the second I moved and informed me that FL coverage in WY would not have paid a cent if I had been in an accident (so be forwarned). Changing my insurance to WY insurance then automatically canceled my FL tags (which were only 3 months old), and now, not having "Florida insurance" on my car with FL tags, Florida suspended my driver's licence. BROTHER, you just can't win! I pitty folks who make interstate moves frequently...this is my one and only, I hope.

All this trouble is not soley the realm of Taylor...My State Farm insurance change to WY also resulted in cancellation of my FL plates (and Florida "suspended" my license again, as if I have multiple licenses to subject to suspension). My guess is the FL Highway Patrol and DOT have my face on their bulletin board.

Any company is only as good as their worst employee if that's the employee you interact with. I am still a customer, but now know it is not the same outfit that I signed up with in 1980.
Scott Conger

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Jim Bowery
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Re: Insurance: does anyone use Grundy?

Post by Jim Bowery » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:20 am

I have had Grundy for 40 plus years. I had 2 small claims that were paid promptly.
Jim Bowery

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