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How to Submit an Article for the Vintage Ford Magazine

Post by VFeditor_Aleesa » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:07 am

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Everybody has a Model T story to tell.
The Vintage Ford would love to help you share your special story.

Don't worry about the spelling or grammar, that's where we can help.

1. We are always interested in the following:
  • Technical How-Tos (especially things that are rarely or never covered)
  • Restorations (we love step-by-step stories with lots of photos)
  • History (on Model Ts, Ford Motor Co., anything related to Model Ts)
  • Helpful Tips (Got a better way of doing something? Let us know.)
  • Book Reviews (Model T, the T-era, or Ford topics)
  • Chapter Tours or Activities
  • Youth Model T Education or Activities
  • Family T Adventures (diaries, photos, special T experiences, etc.)
  • Must-See Places for Model T Enthusiasts to Visit
2. Tell Us About Other Story Ideas
If you have a story idea not covered above, please share it with me:
Snail Mail: VF Editor, 215 Industrial Parkway, Richmond IN 47374
Fax: 765-488-0014
Phone: 317-641-8964

3. Story Length
We rarely run anything longer than 4,500 words; there is no minimum length.

4. Story & Photo Format
Ideally send an unformatted Microsoft Word file of your story or include the text as part of your email. Do not include photos or illustrations as part of the file. Email your materials or snail mail them (on a thumb drive to above addresses). If you don't have the ability to provide a computer file, handwritten articles may be faxed or snail mailed.
NOTE: Rarely do we run articles without photos or illustrations. All photos and illustrations should be digital. For photos, provide the original, unedited file, exactly as it was taken — do not resize the photo up or down. This will usually be a .jpg file. For illustrations, a high-res, print-ready PDF or vector EPS file with all fonts embedded or outlined is preferred.
Please don't email us your photos or illustrations. They may exceed email provider's size limitations. We recommend using a file transfer service of your choice. I highly recommend the free version of, it is free and you don't have to create an account (with yet another password to remember). It is basically like sending an email, it is just done through the cloud.

5. Original Work
Any stories, photos, or material you submit should be your original work or work that you have obtained proper rights/permissions to include and submit.

6. Simultaneous Submission & Previous Published Work
We generally discourage submitting your work to multiple publications at the same time. Also, if your story has already been published in another publication, please submit a revised version or let us know, so we can help you tell a different part of the story.

7. Peer Review & Editing
All submissions may be reviewed by an editorial panel; used in whole, in part, or not at all; and edited or adjusted as needed.

8. Credits
Please help us give credit where it is due. Provide the name, city, and state for all contributing authors. Provide the names of all contributing photographers.

9. Proofing
We always let you review a proof of your article (to make changes and correct any errors) before it is published.

10. Submission Form
If your article is accepted for publishing, you will need to submit an agreement/release form. See link below for a printable copy of the form.

11. Copyrights
The MTFCA holds the copyright to all articles in the Vintage Ford magazine as they were originally published. Exact reprints of these articles in whole or in part cannot be published in any other media without first obtaining written non-exclusive reprint permission from the MTFCA. This does not prevent authors from significantly revising their articles for submission to other media. If the submitting author wishes to allow a direct reprint, they should notify the MTFCA for official approval. See Reprints section below.

12. Reprints
The MTFCA reserves the right to reprint all published submissions in part/whole/or with updated or edited info in future issues of the Vintage Ford.
The MTFCA will also consider non-exclusive reprint requests from other publications or media. If MTFCA agrees to the reprint, they will also seek approval from the original submitting author. If mutual agreement is received, the third-party reprint will be approved with the requirement of including all author and photo credits from the original article and attribution to the Vintage Ford issue in which it was first published.

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Below are printable PDF forms for review and use by submitting authors.

TVF AgreementReleaseForm.pdf
Vintage Form Submission Form
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Adult: Photo Release Form
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Minor/Child: Photo Release Form
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