Vintage Ford Covers for Framing

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Vintage Ford Covers for Framing

Post by VFeditor_Aleesa » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:15 pm

Did you know you can get cover flats (the heavyweight printed cover without the fold or staples) of most Vintage Ford issues?

You can put the cover flats up in your garage or have them framed. Cost for a cover flat (including shipping) is $10. To order your favorite cover flat(s) with a credit card, call the MTFCA office at 765-373-3106. Or mail a check to MTFCA, P.O. Box 996, Richmond, IN 47375-0996.

Special thanks to Rich Eagle who generously let us use one of his amazing paintings on the Jan-Feb 2020 Vintage Ford cover.
We have extras of this cover flat available in the MTFCA store. Order yours now at the link below. ... cover-flat

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