Speedometer cables

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Speedometer cables

Post by modeltbarn » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:06 pm

There are three cables. All are steel, and they are all flexible and in nice shape, not broken. Measurements are approximate and close. They all look to be the Stewart style but not all of the ends are marked. The ones with links have slight different ends on the speedometer head end, but the drive set ends are in the Lang's catalog. I haven't removed the chains but I have checked that they turn and move, so they should disassemble without trouble.

The first is 50" long and is a bare housing; $60
The second is 60" long, has ends and links. $75
The third is 66" long, has ends and links. $75

All are plus postage
Speedo housing 50.jpg
Speedo Cable 60.jpg
Speedo Cable 66.jpg