Rainwise Weather center display

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Ron Horton
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Rainwise Weather center display

Post by Ron Horton » Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:31 pm

OT - Rainwise weather center. Does anyone out there in Model T land (that makes it Model T related) happen to own a Rainwise MK III weather center? Mine recently bellied up and I’ve bought a new one. Since the new array on the roof is not compatible with my old display I've ended up with an extra display that I’m pretty sure was not part of the problem. I’m not interested in selling it, although they are pretty pricey, but would like to see it have a new home. This is not the Long Range model and I do not have the power supply for it, but being the ingenious bunch of people that you are, I’m sure one could be acquired from Rainwise. If you are interested and think you can use this one, let me know. It’s yours for the cost of mailing. which shouldn’t be all that much.


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