How to Install a Vega Steering Box with a Drop Column

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Henry K. Lee
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How to Install a Vega Steering Box with a Drop Column

Post by Henry K. Lee » Sun Mar 03, 2019 3:06 pm

Will be posting in the up and coming week. Please take into consideration that everything is depended upon what front spring configuration you are using. Will start off with the mounting and setting ergonomics. Hope you all enjoy!

Speedsters with overdrives and the like need better steering, so safety is a must if anyone plans on getting their T above 45 MPH. I know some will not like this, but I respect you all, so we must be safe first in our Speedster fun.

Hand brake repositioning, custom fuel tank building, and others to follow.

All the Best,

Hank in Tin-A-See

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Re: How to Install a Vega Steering Box with a Drop Column

Post by SurfCityGene » Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:49 pm

Hank, Excited to see how you decide to make the change. You know Ralph Ricks, the famous RDR, always promoted an after market steering box. He used and gave me a 30's Ford box that I might install someday. He would also say you need some good Front Wheel Brakes too!
Good Luck and can't wait to see your finished unit.
1912 Torpedo Roadster

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Re: How to Install a Vega Steering Box with a Drop Column

Post by Aarongriffey » Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:47 pm

I’ll be watching for those posts too.
I gave up looking for a ‘35 or 6 Ford steering box and installed a Nisson Sentra rack & pinion in my ‘26 touring. Maybe fifteen years ago.
I got one out of a car that did not have power steering. It is geared a bit slow,too many turns lock to lock, but I like it a lot anyway. Wish I’d got one from a power steering car.
The way it is now I can turn it lock to lock with one finger with the car parked.

Les Schubert
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Re: How to Install a Vega Steering Box with a Drop Column

Post by Les Schubert » Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:22 pm

Ralph used a 37 Ford box as it has the roller sector. I believe any Ford car steering box from 37-48 would work as they all used the cross drag link. Making the drag link is easy if you use model A tie rod ends. Just have to make the connection from 3/4” tubing and thread both ends (one end is LH).
I have made a few copies of the original accessorie Ross steering box. So far only for 26-7 frames. I’ve got a couple of castings for prototypes of the 25 and older. Also a couple of 25 and older RHD.
Another option is to tilt the kingpins inward on the T axle (9 degrees works well). So the projected line hits in the middle of the tire patch. I did this on my 27 roadster. Drives like a modern car even with the T steering box.
Hey, I love creativity!!

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