Security on the new site

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Security on the new site

Post by GrandpaFord » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:22 pm

Chris should be commended for the new site. Many users may not realize that the new sites is much more secure, especially if you know how to use it. The prefix (before the www. etc.) is the key. http:// is an unsecure version of the site while https:// is the secure version. You can get there by typing https:// before the rest of the URL, as such: ... um.php?f=1. The link from the old site gives the unsecure version. This is true with other sites you visit as well. The old site will eventually be upgraded to the secure version.

When entering my username or password on the old site I got the message: "This connection is not secure. Logons entered here could be compromised." Sure enough I got a spam from someone threatening to blackmail me. As proof that they knew "everything" about me, they correctly provided my old password for the old site. I am a very private person and don't like it when people learn my passwords. Be careful out there, it is a different world.