Aftermarket carburators to 1920's Model T

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Aftermarket carburators to 1920's Model T

Post by dykker5502 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:18 pm

Of my two model T's, the pick-up truck is the one to experiment with as it does not have much history before 1963, where it was build out of a frontend of a 1919 non-starter touring and a 1921 rolling chassis.
On both my T's I have Holley NH carburators and they are generally working OK. However, even though I believe it is generally accepted that the NH was the best carburator delivered by Ford, I'm sure there may have been aftermarket carburators that, if tuned right, outperforms the NH.
I'm considering if a Stromberg could be interesting, but what type would beperiod right for a Model T from 1920 +/-?
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Mark Osterman
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Re: Aftermarket carburators to 1920's Model T

Post by Mark Osterman » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:08 pm

I love trying out different carburetors. I drive around 100 miles a week so it’s a good test for a daily driver. My ‘23 came with a Ford NH. Ran with that and it was good. Switched to a straight through NH that I rebuilt and that was an improvement.

Then I installed an OF rebuilt by Stan. It was good as long as the float didn’t stick. The needle assembly has two butterfly weights that slide across the top of the float and my float is slightly dented. So that can cause a problem. If I could find an NOS float it would be a great carburetor.

Lately I’ve been driving with a U&J carburetor also rebuilt by Stan. Had trouble with the high end. No adjustments helped. It wasn’t getting enough gas. When I first installed it I couldn't get my slightly warped exhaust manifold to seal right and that caused a problem with the intake as well. Fixed that but still couldn’t get enough gas so installed a steering column choke adjuster. Now it runs fine with the choke closed around halfway. I still think this should be able to be corrected with the needle adjustment on the carb but it has a very narrow tolerance only gives me way too much or too little.

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Re: Aftermarket carburators to 1920's Model T

Post by dlmyers » Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:50 pm

The old forums are a gold mine of information.

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Mark Gregush
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Re: Aftermarket carburators to 1920's Model T

Post by Mark Gregush » Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:03 pm

NH being the best Ford carb, that is the OP of nobs that don't know any better :lol: ( I really don't care what the Tulsa test showed, I think they were bias anyway after reading the write up) There are any number of carb to play with, some more common then others. The set them and go type are my choice such as Schebler, Marvel, Stromberg (side drafts) etc. For up drafts there are a few; Zenith 04 and Strombergs such as OE-1, but require a different intake manifold. I would suggest staying away from the Stromberg M-1's, they are more for the truck, tractor type but will work, Any of witch should give an improvement over the NH.
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