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FAQ: New Member Guide to the Forums

Post by AdminJeff » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:33 am

I've tried to consolidate as much as possible here and this is a living document. I'll be adding to it as time permits - and this takes a ton of time to get right!!.

This is a clickable Table of Contents. Please report any errors or suggestions! To comment on this doc, follow this link https://www.modeltfordclubofamerica.com ... ?f=2&t=731

Interactive Table of Contents (click links)
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Forum Rules

Posts should be related to the Model T. Post for the good of the hobby.

Be respectful at all times. Remember, even if you've been at this a long time, others are just getting started.
There are no stupid questions. Ask away. Referring to the Ford Owners Manual is a good place to help understand your car and help formulate good questions.

Off Topic - OT - posts are allowed but should still be hobby related. Political posts and posts insulting other posters will be removed

Complete set of forum rules can be read here http://www.modeltfordclubofamerica.com/ ... rules.html

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When you send a Private Message (PM) to another user, it will stay in your "out box" until the person you sent it to logs into the forum. If that person doesn't log into the forum fir 25 days, it will stay in your out box for 25 days. It's better to send users email directly by finding their persons username ( memberlist.php?mode=searchuser&first_na ... el_t_type= ) and clicking on "send user an email."


Need help?
Post your questions in the Support Forum located here
http://www.modeltfordclubofamerica.com/ ... um.php?f=9


New Forum Links
This link will take you to new forum software.
Your old user name and password will not work there.
You may have to use a different user name if someone has used it already.

Click here to go to register on the NEW FORUM Register

Click here to go to LOGIN to the NEW FORUM Login if already Registered

Click here to go to VIEW the single 2019 FORUM 2019 Forum
https://www.modeltfordclubofamerica.com ... um.php?f=2

Click here to go to VIEW ALL the NEW FORUMS ALL Forums
https://www.modeltfordclubofamerica.com ... /index.php

You should save these links in place of any old links you have to make sure you have the correct ones. Notice they all start with https:

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Once you've successfully registered and are logged on, look at the upper right hand corner of the screen and do the following things:
Before you get started though....please know....you'll need a REALLY small file size to do this (21 kB or less and 90 pixels by 90 pixels). See below for how to do this.

- Click on the down arrow next to your username at the top right corner of the screen.
- Click on "User Control Panel"
- Click on the "Profile" tab
- Click on "Edit Avatar"
- Click on "Choose File"
- Find the file on your computer that you're going to use.
- Click on "Submit"

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If you'd like to add a signature line, like mine below, that show what car(s) you own or other additional information, here's how you do it.

Once you've successfully registered and are logged on, look at the upper right hand corner of the screen and do the following things:

- Click on the down arrow next to your username
- Click on "User Control Panel"
- Click on the "Profile" tab
- Click on "Edit Signature"
- Fill in the info that you'd like to show as your signature.
- Click on "Submit"

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My picture is too big to be an Avitar, how do I modify it?
you need to edit an save your picture to be smaller.

Windows: use MS Paint - it's under the accessories folder.
win1.png (47.61 KiB) Viewed 8878 times
win2.png (82.11 KiB) Viewed 8878 times
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use the Photo Viewer, Then Select Preview Editor and change the dimensions.
mac1.png (147.42 KiB) Viewed 8878 times
mac2.png (94.16 KiB) Viewed 8878 times
Save those files and use as your Avitar.

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Here's what they all mean:
icons.png (77.02 KiB) Viewed 8872 times
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login Remember Me [X]
Here's what you click on for the site to remember who you are so you dont have to login each time you visit.
Greenshot 2019-01-25 11.37.22.png
Greenshot 2019-01-25 11.37.22.png (32.58 KiB) Viewed 8818 times
If this doesn't seem to work, clear your cookies by clicking the link on the bottom of the website (no, not by raiding your cookie jar!):
Greenshot 2019-01-25 11.31.13.png
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