deleting a meandering thread

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jersey George

deleting a meandering thread

Post by jersey George » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:26 pm


Every now and then a post gets carried away with itself and folks start taking sides and apparently want to be on record as choosing sides or pseudo-voting for a buddies view.

Now that there are apparently several admins, things get yanked as being 'unruly' or whatever causes a burp much quicker and a yank happens...and my as I guess others personal email blows up with 'betcha so and so harped and he always gets his way'.

I usually don't need the crap of a run-away post...and at the sometime I don't like my personal email to blow up as it always does with folks who are friends, but then I offer them no support either (so I guess they become 'friends' and not 'Friends'.)

Accidentally, I stumbled on what I think is a great idea that keeps feathers unruffled in the no-win endless debates and I wonder if our forum structure can handle it. A forum I belong to now LEAVES the original post and occasional bicker, sympathy, empathy, or attack dog mentality in place...the administrator simply turns that single thread OFF from accepting any new postings and that one with a 'burr' disappears in a few days all by itself by dropping down normally. There is a notification line that says 'turned off'. Sometimes he adds 'original post answered' or other small info comments.

Just a thought to share...

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Re: deleting a meandering thread

Post by AdminJeff » Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:14 pm

Yes, I deleted the thread at the request of the topic author. And I’m happy to do this in the future for any topic author who requests the same.


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