Question/concern re high counts?

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Wayne Sheldon
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Question/concern re high counts?

Post by Wayne Sheldon » Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:41 pm

The new format has been running for over six months now, and while I am bothered a bit by the reduced activity here, it has been fairly stable, with common daily high counts around a hundred on-line. The record high sat at (if I recall correctly) about 130 for awhile, then in June (if I recall correctly jumped to 196. Other than a couple VERY busy days, it was usually around a hundred at the busiest time of the day. Suddenly, we have had several high counts, over two hundred, then nearly three hundred now with a "record" high of 329! Who ARE these people? Are they legitimate model T people? Or should we be concerned we may get targeted by trolls? The registered users count has not jumped in a similar fashion. And in spite of a higher than I would expect number of registered users, the number "using this forum" is still usually between twenty and forty. Who ARE the other nearly three hundred people?

Just me. Being curious. And maybe a bit concerned. Maybe paranoid?

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Re: Question/concern re high counts?

Post by aDave » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:02 pm

Rainy weather brings me indoors...(I melt).
Heat and humidity bother me more now than they did 60 years ago, so I come into the air conditioned house...both activities allow me reading time...maybe others do the same?
Then too, is the fact that either folks are just starting to drive, and have questions as to why the engine won't operate correctly...or some problem with the rest of the vehicle...OR
some have driven their vehicles quite a bit and now want to know what to do to repair the part that broke...or it's oil change time, and want to know what kind to use.
All sorts of reasons Wayne...but you're many? Is there a renewed interest in the venerable Model T?
Haven't seen a bunch of spam....maybe the numbers indicate folks are trying, but so far, I see no evidence that they have succeeded in penetrating the brick wall that Jeff, Chris and others have constructed for us! (Than you all !!)
Cheers to all!

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